Choosing the right tartan-A useful guide

On all of our designs we offer a range of over 400 tartan choices, which is, a lot to choose from.Firstly not everyone has a family or clan tartan as such, I myself do not have a family tartan and yes I am Scottish.Does this actually matter?Not to us as we think you should choose whatever tartan you like regardless of which clan you do or do not belong to.In fact you don`t even have to be Scottish to choose tartan! Shocking eh?

Many places worldwide from towns to countries have their own tartans.Cornwall (In England) in fact have a beautiful national tartan which is one of my personal favourites.


Little White Rose of Scotland engraving on Cornish National tartan

One of the reasons we love tartan here is the simple concept of the many different threads of colours being weaved together to create it.For all it`s complexity in the end it creates one material.It is in our mind the very essence of multicultural in material form and it would be pretty boring if it only came in one colour or pattern!

You will often see the terms ‘Modern’ and ‘Ancient’ to describe tartans.In simple terms the ancient is a lighter shade of the modern, if you imagine the modern faded by age to produce ancient it makes sense.

If you need a specific tartan and you cannot see it or you struggle to scroll through all the choices without losing the will to live then please just relax and drop us an email ( or pop a note in the customer notes section if you know which tartan you require.We will always do our very best to help you find a specific tartan but keep in mind some tartans are private or corporate and we can`t source them.

If you see your tartan listed here;

Then we can source it.It is also a very useful tool to help you find tartan by colour/name etc we tend to use the 16oz tartan as it is the best for our purposes to work with but we can use just about any material you want, tweed, glitter fabric or your Grannies favourite curtains (for goodness sake ask her first though!)

tweed background

red taffeta material background

coloured glitter backgrounds

Blue suedette material background

Lastly this page was a result of feedback and an idea from one of our many lovely customers and we very much appreciate her idea and the time she took to share it with us.Thank you to Kim and indeed to all our customers who continue to support us.Happy customers are our most precious asset and we will always go above and beyond to make every customer a happy one.

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