Last orders & a message to all customers.

It`s that time of year again, the last date for UK shipping for Christmas gifts ordered from us with a specific tartan will be the 10th of December as the tartan is ordered in from our supplier on an individual basis and the last tartan order will go in on the above date to allow us to get gifts to customers in time. We do stock a small range of tartans if you are not fussed or have done the last minute gift thing. I pride myself in making sure all customers are happy and just want to say on a personal note that I am incredibly grateful for all the support from customers who I have found friends in, which is the majority of them because my customers are the most amazing folks, the most rewarding part of what I do is getting to hear the stories behind customer orders.

I have cried my eyes out, laughed and smiled when hearing the reason or story behind the design, getting the honour of bringing the customer’s design vision to life is something I always feel privileged to do and I hand on heart pour love into all that I do and I love what I do. One story was particularly poignant, it resonated with me this year after my own breast cancer diagnosis. I won`t name any names, of course, but the customer wanted the design to reflect her fighting spirit that she would hang in her bedroom to remind her each day of her incredible victory and inspirational strength after she came through utter hell and gave cancer one almighty kicking.

The fighting spirit of one amazing Scottish woman.

Christmas should be about enjoying the most precious asset there is, time spent with those we love and are loved by. Family, blood or otherwise. Your custom gives me that most wonderful and priceless gift of family time and allows me to buy gifts that bring smiles and laughs for those I hold dear. You have been amazingly supportive over another difficult year, and I am full of the warmest gratitude to each and every single one of you. Wishing you all strength in your individual journeys, may you all find reason to smile or indeed give others reason to smile. I am blessed to have the best customers in the world. Wishing all of you out there a happy Christmas & all the very best for 2022 when it comes. Stay safe & thank you for your custom, kindness, support & friendship. It means the world.

A single act of kindness can sew a seed that blossoms into the most beautiful wildflower, that flower will scatter many seeds on the wind and up shall rise many wildflower meadows. Kindness is a gift of the most beautiful kind, may you all know the joy it is to walk freely in those wildflower meadows with arms outstretched scattering those seeds with your fingertips as you go.MDB.

Mr Skinny Legs hates Christmas.

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