Apologies to any visitors.

Unfortunately our website has been having problems for the past few weeks. Those have now been sorted and we are sorry if you have popped by at any point and tried to place an order and left frustrated.Our customers are vital to us which is why their happiness is always the number one priority.This matter was outwith our control and it pains us to think some customers may have been lost due to our previous hosting service not valuing customers as much as we do.


If you need to enquire about anything please email at saltirecustomcreations@gmx.co.uk


Lastly a huge & heartfelt thank you to all our wonderful customers who have been supportive, kind and patient through this tricky spell and special thanks to Lindsay Bruce of https://www.ayemail.scot/ for his help in sorting out this nightmare.

It will take a few days to get organised again but all is well and we are, as always, ready to make Customers, old and new, happy.

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